"(...) 58% of the rapeseed – and 9% of the sunflower oil – consumed in Europe between 2015 and 2019 was burned in cars and trucks, even though their climate impacts may be even worse than fossil fuels. Supermarkets have had to ration vegetable oils and prices are soaring,” said Maik Marahrens from the campaign group Transport & Environment, which carried out the research. “At the same time, we are burning thousands of tons of sunflower and rapeseed oil in our cars daily. In a time of scarcity we must prioritise food over fuel.”

The famed efficiency of the free market is yet again on display for everyone to marvel at its perfection, I see.


> The error Europe and others have made is that they ignore this cost entirely. They act as though using land were free.

that "error", is just Standard procedure for the colonisers mind.

> The food crisis we are in reminds us that is not true.

it would be nice if it also reminded us not to stockpile crops, or speculate on them

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