"In an interview at the top of the Empire State Building on Tuesday, she told the BBC: “We do have to take difficult decisions to get our economy right. We have to look at our tax rates. So corporation tax needs to be competitive with other countries so that we can attract that investment." (...) [Truss] told reporters on the plane to the US: “Lower taxes lead to economic growth, there is no doubt in my mind about that.”

Conservatives: "god I hate those pesky snowflakes and their feelings"

Also conservatives: *proceed to further fuck up an already fucked up country because "low taxes are better for their economy" based on their feelings alone*



"We find that major tax cuts for the rich push up income inequality, as measured by the top 1% share of pre-tax national income. The size of the effect is substantial: on average, each major tax cut results in a rise of 0.8 percentage points in top 1% share of pre-tax national income. The effect holds in both the short and medium term. Turning our attention to economic performance, we find no significant effects of major tax cuts for the rich. More specifically, the trajectories of real GDP per capita and the unemployment rate are unaffected by significant reductions in taxes on the rich in both the short and medium term."


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